In November, 2013, number of persons appealing to car sale centers and closed deals increased, APA reports.

According to Property Market Participants PU, though the supply decreased in the market, the supply exceeded demand. During the month, demand increased and relevantly, dynamics also changed to positive. Increase of dynamic also influenced average price. Compared to October, the average price rose 1.6% to AZN 16,250 in November.

Dynamic growth did not influence change of period of exposure. Period of exposure during the month made 42.2 days. Only 20.4% of nearly 14,000 cars were supplied to the market in November.

Share of Mercedes Benz cars in total supply dropped 1.7% to 35%. Supply on most of 9 brands fell. Most decline on eth supply (3.7%) was recorded in the VAZ cars. Share of 9 brands in total supply made 86.7%.

Experts say though used cars have great equity in the market, in the near future, share of cars produced after 2003 will exceed them. Researches covered cars produced in 1992-2013.

Number of persons interesting in Off Road and Universal vehicles increased. Interests in Russia-produced cars declined. Share of Russian cars slipped to 6%, down 3.4 percentage points from a year earlier. Primary market price of Russian cars increased by 0.2%.

Source: News.Az