Azerbaijanis in USA

So why Azerbaijanis are doing protests around the world? Especially around North America, USA and Canada?

On July 12th Armenian armed forces crossed international border with Azerbaijan in the Area of Tovuz province of Azerbaijan.

This incident cause death of 11 soldiers and 4 civilians.

Important to note that this incident occurred not on the Azerbaijani occupied territory of Nagorno-Karabakh. This is a different location. (see the map above)

So why now and why there? See the map below with the pipeline that is serving Europe with Oil.

In this world where people are trying to Unite and help each other, Armenian government is trying to destabilize the region, by starting war and provoking Azerbaijan.

Houston, Texas

Close to 100 cars gathered together

Seattle, Washington

New York

Atlanta, Georgia

Sacramento, California

Los Angeles, California

Washington, DC next to the Azerbaijani Embassy

Skokie, Illionis


These events were organized by Azerbaijanis in US.

Together we are stronger.