In accordance with the methodology of calculation of International Security Index (iSi), Azerbaijan, including Nagorno-Karabakh, has been assigned a numerical figure “6” out of “9”, and Armenia – “5”, coordinator of project “International Security Index” ( Index iSi) of the Research Institute of the PIR Centre in Moscow Galia Ibrahimova has told

“These are very significant numerical indicators. It follows that if the situation within these countries or between them exacerbates at a certain time interval (the time of measurement indicators of the Index), it will seriously affect the Index iSi,” said the expert.

“The situation around Nagorno-Karabakh will pose a serious threat to international security if the parties resort of open armed confrontation and civilians will be killed,” she added.

International Security Index, calculated by analysts of the PIR Centre in Moscow is an integrated index that captures the level of threats to security and welfare of the inhabitants of the planet. The ideal level of international security is 4,210 points. The index is calculated on the results of each week, month and year.

Source: News.Az