The campaign launched by Azerbaijan-American Alliance founded by Anar Mammadov to raise awareness of US residents of Khojaly genocide is underway.

Posters on Khojaly tragedy have been placed on 34 stations of New York subway, a source in the Alliance said.

Besides, statistical figures about the tragedy are graphically displayed on buildings located in the central streets of New York. This is done by a specially equipped vehicle that projects graphics on buildings in the evening and night in crowded areas.

More on campaign can be found at or / pages / Azerbaijan-America-Alliance.

On 25-26 February, 1992, Armenian mercenaries attacked the Azerbaijani town of Khojaly in Nagorno-Karabakh with the support of 366th regiment of the former Soviet army.

That night the Armenian bandits committed genocide against 7,000 people in the town. As a result of atrocities of Armenians, 613 residents of Khojaly were killed, 487 people became disabled, and 1,275 people, mostly elderly, children and women were subjected to humiliation and torture in captivity. The fate of 150 people is still unknown.

As a result of the Khojaly tragedy, eight families were completely destroyed, 24 children lost both parents and 130 children – one of the parents while 56 people were killed brutally.

Source: News.Az