They’ll all be available for Windows 8.1 on October 18

Just a couple days ahead of Windows 8.1’s release, Microsoft is unveiling its new built-in creative apps for photos, movies and paint.

Microsoft announced the new and improved apps today for Windows 8.1, which include Photos, Camera, Movie Moments, and Fresh Paint.

In Photos, Windows 8.1 will allow for editing improvements like the ability to select auto fix for various different corrections. There are also options like color enhance (which lets you brighten or darken specific areas in photos), retouch, red-eye removal and manual cropping.

Also, the Facebook and Flickr integration you saw in the Photos app for Windows 8 is gone in Windows 8.1.

The camera is seeing a few changes in Windows 8.1 as well. For instance, it’s now accessible through a simple swipe of the lockscreen. Also, a new panorama feature uses Microsoft’s Photosynth tech to bring many images together. Aside from that, you can now take photos during video capture, and there’s a new Photo Loop feature that continuously takes pictures once the Camera app is loaded and a menu is used to rewind through the photos.

Paint also got a new coat of paint in Fresh Paint. It has new features like watercolor rendering, a new graphite pencil set, new brushes and improved stylus pressure for a more realistic creative setting.

Lets move on to movies. The Movie Moments app is a very simplified version of Movie Maker, only allowing for basic editing like music, effects and captions. Also, customization in the app is limited.

The built-in Photos and Camera apps will see these changes immediately during the Windows 8.1 roll out, but the updated Fresh Paint and Movie Moments will make their way to the Windows Store on October 18.