The House of Representatives of the U.S. state of New Mexico has officially recognized October 18 as Independence Day of Azerbaijan.

The lawmakers point out in the relevant document that one of the reasons that prompted the adoption of this decision is 400,000 Azerbaijanis living in the United States who celebrate October 18 as the Day of Independence of Azerbaijan, thus giving tribute to ancestors who fought for freedom and democracy in the Caucasus.

The document states that the Republic of Azerbaijan regained its independence on October 18, 1991 as a result of the demise of the Soviet Union and declared itself a successor of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR).

ADRs, which existed only two years, was established in 1918 and was the first secular democratic republic in the Turkic and Muslim world, and one of the first countries in the world where women were granted the right to vote.

The New Mexico lawmakers note that The United States was one of the first countries to recognize the independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 1991 and establish diplomatic relations in 1992.

“The U.S. and Azerbaijan could establish a strong partnership ties based on shared values and interests,” the text says. “Azerbaijan is a staunch ally and strategic partner of the United States in the important Caspian region.”

Source: News.Az