Russian people working in Baku, feel the warmth and hospitality of the people of Azerbaijan and provocations by ethnic violence should be given a serious rebuff, head of the Trade Representation of Russia in Azerbaijan Yuri Shedrin has said.

“All of my staff seconded from Russia, living and working in Baku, absolutely do not feel any oppression at the household or any other level. Moreover, Russians are always pleasantly surprised that in Baku, in comparison to Moscow, it’s safe day and night to walk around the city and hang out with kids,” he said in an interview to

Against the background of the passions surrounding the case of Azerbaijani citizen Zeynalova Orhan, who is accused of killing a resident of Moscow, Karabakh Liberation Organization (KLO) on Thursday condemned Russia’s actions, saying that Russia allegedly held “anti-Azerbaijani campaign”. Leader of the organization Akif Nagi threatened to take “appropriate measures” against Russians in Baku if the Russian authorities do not affect the situation. In turn, a number of public figures and MPs of Azerbaijan made comments on the matter, saying that the measures stated by Nagi do not have any place in our society, calling him not to engage in demagoguery.

“This is a provocative statement of extremist nature,” Shedrin said, expressing the hope that it will receive a proper assessment of the Azerbaijani authorities.

“I love my homeland, and I will love it until the end of his days,” he said.

He noted that Azerbaijan and Russia have strong relationships at all levels, both among government agencies and between the representatives of the business environment, artists and ordinary citizens.

“We have an active process of further strengthening of cooperation. We are working on constructive projects, developing partnerships in all areas. The same kind of statements only hinders the process.”

Source: News.Az