Today I would like to introduce to you one of the Texas Azerbaijanis who is living in Houston and share with you what he has been doing and why.

His name is Rashad Ajalov, he is a procurement professional, living in Houston for quite some time.

It all started when I noticed a fundraiser that he started on Facebook, and I decided to ask him why he is doing this, so he will share with us his story.

So here is the story from Rashad:

I have been riding since 2009. Wife always tells me why are you doing this? I very much appreciate her hard work entertaining kids throughout the weekends where I am gone for the most part of the day training for the ride. I am addicted to BP MS 150, is my answer to her. Single factor being it is for a good cause, where close 10,000 cyclists every year, raise funds to help our friends living with MS.

Now, my inspiration is Rita Joubran. I met this wonderful person during our team kick of meeting in January this year. Rita Joubran was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis about 10 years ago and lived with the symptoms for years before ever learning about the disease— making her fight to build awareness and find a cure all the more personal! For the past eight years, she has participated in the BS MS 150 race benefiting the National MS Society. Last year, Joubran officially became the second ‘top participant,’ raising approximately $100,820.18 for the cause.

Joubran’s most noticeable symptoms started with the lost of her vision just weeks after giving birth to her daughter. Next, she lost feeling in her left side. Before then, Rita had never heard of multiple sclerosis. “So many things pop into your head. I had never really heard about it before, didn’t know what it was […] so many emotions,” Joubran said.

Now, its in your hands (or pockets) to help me raising funds for research and critical services to ensure our friends like Rita Joubran have the resources to live their lives day by day. The things that you and I take for granted.

“Every donation is important. The one dollar donation, the ten thousand dollar donation… one plus one makes two. It’s all for the cause.” Thank you!

If you are touched by this story, please go ahead and share it will your friends, and make a difference.

Facebook Page for Donation Fundraiser

by Mamedbekov T.
photos are courtesy of Ajalov R.