Charges against a student are pending after a bomb scare at Seven Lakes High School in Katy ISD. A district spokesperson says the device found turned out not to be a bomb but a zip gun, a homemade firearm. “It’s just worrisome that your kids go to school and you think they’re safe and then you hear things like this,” says parent Bosede Hodo.

Police officers, deputies and even the FBI swarmed Katy ISD’s Seven Lakes High School after someone found what looked like a bomb inside the building in a backpack.

“It’s terrifying.

As all 3600 students are evacuated from the building and kept on the football and baseball fields behind the school, parents rush to the front of Seven Lakes

wanting to know if their kids are safe and saying a weight will be lifted from their shoulders when they see their kids. “Yes as it does everyday at 2:35 p.m. but more so today, for sure,” says Stephanie Knight.

As members of the bomb squad secure the device and check the school for any other dangerous objects students were taken to Seven Lakes Junior High and dismissed early at 1:30 p.m.

“It had me freaked out,” says one student.

“I was nervous, scared, shaken up, freaked out,” adds Zoe Heeter.

Parents say they are thankful the zip gun was found and to have their kids coming home unharmed.

“Anytime something like this happens it shakes you up because school is supposed to be a time where you go have fun, learn, grow and not something where you’re afraid to walk in because you don’t know if something like this is going to happen,” explains Carrie Bilski.

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Source: myfoxHouston.com