Yet another event organized by USACC during Coronavirus and when everyone is home, it is great time to connect with the world via internet and learn something new.

This time we will have a pleasure to meet with Chingiz Abdullayev via zoom. Date is: 11 Aprel, 10 AM EST

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Who is Chingiz Abdullayev?

He is known mostly for his detective novels, which became extremely popular throughout the former Soviet Union and continue to attract readers not only in the CIS but also throughout the world.

Abdullayev has been published more than any other Azerbaijani writer. His books sold more than 20 million copies – mostly in the genre of detective novels and short stories in the Russian language.

He has authored more than 86 works, including novels and short stories, which have been published in 17 languages in 23 countries throughout the world. including the countries of the Former Soviet Union, France, Israel, Sweden, Norway, Turkey and Bulgaria. His detective novels that are listed in The Golden Fund of World Detective Literature include: Blue Angels, The Law of Scoundrels, Better to Be Holy, The Shadow of Herod, and Three Colors of Blood.

If you are interested to read some books by Chingiz Abdullayev

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