Novruz Houston 2019 - Houston, Texas

Novruz Celebration in Houston 2019

What a night! There has not been an event like this in Houston in a long time or frankly speaking ever, even if we consider the scale of the event. The night was complete with entertainment and activities, including a live signing by Elariz Mamedoglu, Azerbaijani dancing, kids dancing, belly dancing show, as well as disco party lead by a deejay. Tables were covered with … Continue reading Novruz Celebration in Houston 2019

Rare Concert Introduces Sacramento to the Music of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is a country not often heard of, or spoken of, here in California. It is no doubt a mystery land to many of us. While its location holds a degree of mystery, it is a part of Europe and there is one thing that is certain about the country: its culture is profoundly musical. It’s for this reason that Azerbaijani music became such a … Continue reading Rare Concert Introduces Sacramento to the Music of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey Launch ‘Silk Road’ Rail Link

ALYAT, AZERBAIJAN — The leaders of Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia launched an 826-km (500-mile) rail link connecting the three countries on Monday, establishing a freight and passenger link between Europe and China that bypasses Russia. The line, which includes 105 km of new track, will have the capacity to transport one million passengers and 5 million tons of freight. The three countries are linked by … Continue reading Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey Launch ‘Silk Road’ Rail Link

Dream Bigger, Qarabag Fans!

There is nothing ordinary about Qarabag Football Club in Champions League. So far, every game presents a historical achievement. Qarabag played their first Champions League game against Chelsea, then scored their first goal against Roma, and now, got the first point against Atletico Madrid. Even if fans expected Qarabag to steal a point in one of the toughest groups, hardly anyone could predict that it … Continue reading Dream Bigger, Qarabag Fans!

Qarabag’s Champions League Journey

European football has seen several fascinating Cinderella stories. In recent years alone, the English Premier League was shaken by Leicester City who triumphed in the second season after their promotion, followed by worthy performance in Champions League, RB Leipzig in their first season in Bundesliga almost challenged the dominance of Bayern Munich, and Atletico Madrid, despite their relatively modest transfer spendings, had moved past formidable … Continue reading Qarabag’s Champions League Journey

Azerbaijan to buy six more boeing aircrafts

Washington, D.C. – October 10, 2017 Azerbaijan’s two largest airlines will buy another six Boeing aircraft by the end of 2017, contributing to the US economy and job growth, the U.S. Embassy of Azerbaijan announced today. Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL) plans to sign a contract to buy four Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft, while Silk Way Airlines will acquire two more Boeing 747-8 F airplanes. These new … Continue reading Azerbaijan to buy six more boeing aircrafts


Famous Azerbaijani scientist Lotfi Zadeh dies

A world-renowned Azerbaijani scientist, founder of fuzzy logic Lotfi Zadeh passed away on September 6 at 7:30 am California time aged 96. The world-renowned scientist, Lotfi Zadeh, was a professor emeritus of computer science at the University of California, Berkeley, and the director of the Berkeley Initiative in Soft Computing. Profesor’s son Norman Zadeh earlier stressed that Lotfi Zadeh’s last will was to be buried … Continue reading Famous Azerbaijani scientist Lotfi Zadeh dies

buta airways

Azerbaijan startup Buta Airways to launch Sept. 1

Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL) has taken delivery of an Embraer E190 from regional aircraft lessor Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC) for its new LCC subsidiary Buta Airways, which will launch Sept. 1. The aircraft will be operated by the new brand of Azerbaijan Airlines—Buta Airways. NAC said Buta Airways is the first LCC in Azerbaijan, a subdivision of the CJSC Azerbaijan Airlines. The airline is based in Baku, at the … Continue reading Azerbaijan startup Buta Airways to launch Sept. 1

Azerbaijan – model of tolerance, Israeli FM says

Azerbaijan, a country friendly towards Israel, is an example of tolerance, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said in Baku on Thursday, May 1. He went on to add that the Jews living in Azerbaijan have always felt themselves comfortable, even during the Holocaust. The minister stressed that the relations between Israel and Azerbaijan are now at the highest level, the ties in all spheres have … Continue reading Azerbaijan – model of tolerance, Israeli FM says