A concert of Italian singers was held at the Baku Crustal Hall on Wednesday, 18 December.

The concert of the Stars of San Remo involved Albano, “Ricky I poveri”, Ricardo Foli, Umberto Tozzi, Tony Esposito, Pupo, Matia Bazar, Fiordaliso, Ivana Spagna.

The night ended with the brilliant performance of one of the most popular Italian singers Toto Cutugno who sang his most popular songs for Baku residents.

The Azerbaijani folklore song Sari Gelin which he sang in Azerbaijani became the centerpiece in the event.

“I have been learning it for already the third day”, Cutugno said adding his admiration with the beauty of Baku.

Please, find below the full video of the performance.

Source: News.Az