Michael Economides, one of Houston’s leading energy experts, died Saturday of a heart attack on an international flight. He was 64.

Economides, an expert on energy geopolitics and petroleum engineering, was a professor at the Cullen College of Engineering of University of Houston. He died on a flight from Madrid to Chile, one of many trips he recently made as a highly-demanded expert in the field.

His wife, Christine, also a well-known petroleum expert at Texas A&M University, said Economides had been traveling for a month.

“He is extremely demanded on a global basis,” she said.

Economides served as an adviser for numerous companies globally, including China National Offshore Oil Corporation, Italy’s multinational oil and gas company ENI and other major global players in Russia and Venezuela.

A prolific writer in the field of petroleum and natural gas, Economides has published more than a dozen books and hundreds of journal papers. His book, The Color of Oil is valued by many for its insights in geopolitics of energy.

His wife said Economides had high blood pressure.

Source: Chron.com