It’s a messy, wintry forecast ahead for the greater Houston region.

Today will simply be cold — with a high in the mid- to upper-40s — with a slight chance of rain. Things become more interesting tonight.

According to forecasters with the National Weather Service, an upper level disturbance will move across central Texas late tonight and will produce a chance of a wintry mix to the north and northwest of Houston. Bridges and overpasses will be most at risk.

The map below shows the area of greatest risk, and as you can see no wintry precipitation is expected close to Houston.


Of more significance to most people in the Houston area is the chance of widespread rain showers on Monday as the main upper level system moves into the region.


As the rains are forecast to come over a period of six to 12 hours widespread flooding is not likely during the storms.

Rains should come to an end sometime on Tuesday, and it’s still looking like we’ll see clear skies by Wednesday. These clearer skies will allow more cooling at nighttime, which should bring the Houston region its first freeze by Thursday morning. Will all of Houston freeze? It’s still too early to say, but I feel pretty confident that the northern half of the city will.

Thanksgiving, itself, should be comparably pleasant with highs in the mid-50s, sunshine and lower winds. It will feel downright balmy!