Katytimes.com posted letter from KISD students:

To the editor:

Since the bond for the stadium, agriculture science center and STEM building did not passed, I am seriously reconsidering how great our school district is.

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This bond was not just for a certain group of high schools, but ALL high schools. I challenge every person that is involved with the Katy Independent School District to think about the last time that they attended a Cinco Ranch, Seven Lakes OR a Katy football game? How full was that stadium?

This past year, the Katy High School versus Seven Lakes High School football game sold out in minutes after ticket booths at the stadium were opened, along with the Cinco Ranch versus Katy high school football game. I challenge all the people who have a high school student involved in football, how many times has your child not gotten home before 11 o’clock on a school night because of a Thursday night football game?

As a senior, I have seen the consequences first hand of these late night games. They affect not only our student athletes, but cheerleaders, students involved in band and drill team. Unfortunately, since the district has a set testing schedule, these students are still required to partake in classroom exams — after having been out to late hours of the night because of their participation in these games.

Not only do three schools need this new stadium for capacity reasons, but SEVEN high schools need this stadium to avoid these late Thursday night games. Now I challenge every person in Katy ISD, when was the last time YOU actually attended the annual livestock show? No I’m not just talking about the rodeo, but the actual showing of the animals? For most members of Katy ISD, the answer would be never. Being a four-year member of a local FFA chapter, I know how hard we as students work with our animal projects to try and achieve the title of ”Best in Show.”

I have also seen many FFA members who do not even get to try to achieve this title because their animal has died due to stress-related attacks. The trailer ride from the pavilion to the agricultural science center in early October, which is usually a very hot and humid time, sets up perfect conditions for these deadly attacks.

With the addition of a new high school this year, we are being forced to house hundreds of animals in a limited amount of space. At the rate our district is expanding, we are outgrowing not only the L.D. Robinson Pavilion, but the Gerald D. Young Agricultural Science center sooner than anticipated.

How could you vote ”no” for a bill when you have not seen how OVERCROWDED the pavilion is each year, or how many animals we lose each year due to stress-related attacks?

And lastly, our school district wanted to provide our students with the opportunity to go above and beyond their own expectations and get experience with engineering and robotics. The Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics Project center was going to be created to help students excel in the subjects of math and science; two key subjects needed for further education that many American polls have shown are our weakest subjects.

How can Katy ISD continue to be one of the “top dog” school districts in Texas if voters deny them from giving us these resources? Today, people are so concerned about our generation, yet they won’t vote to give us the facilities that we as students need to help us excel in life.

How can a bond package with three different facilities, and that will not raise taxes, fail, yet a new football stadium in Alvin that WILL raise their taxes pass?

Concerned KISD student

Source: KatyTimes.com